Fine Art, Museums, Shippers & Packers

Consultancy services provide advice, guidance and training to prepare facilities and institurions, to be compliant and meet the standards required by Lloyd’s of London insurers, insurers globall and AXA Art’s GRASP scheme.

Simon Mears was instrumental over a period of seven years in developing GRASP standards and continues to work with Underwriters with respect to the expected standards wtihin Fine Art. GRASP standards became in part the basis for the new CEN (European Standards) approval and standards number.


Retention of consultancy service often commences whilst a project is still at the drawing and developmental stage, enabling the consultant to guide the design and installations taking into account the GRASP standards. This enables a facility to build in the GRASP standards, both within the structure of the building as well as the policies, procedures and emergency plans. Simon’s success can be seen in the leading fine art storage facilities in Singapore, Geneva and Luxembourg, two of which are finalising construction. During the process he maintained a liaison programme with Lloyd’s and European insurers, providing full briefings as approved by the client throughout the construction period.

Secure display, storage and transportation of art is a specialist area combining logistical expertise with high level security. Our risk assessment and survey programs combine the required expertise in procedures with a realistic and practical approach of how best to implement controls. All projects are designed to meet the specific needs of the gallery owner, museum director, collector, and underwriters in the reduction of risk exposure.

We possess an intimate understanding of the “nuts & bolts” of an operation; beginning when the object is packed until it is prepared for display at its ultimate destination. Our risk programs develop improved systems for more effective internal and external control, often assisting in attaining efficiencies in the process.

Risk Management and Training:

Risk assessment programs for museums, galleries, secure art storage locations and exhibition sites include recruitment procedures for temporary staffing, training and supervisory controls. Simon Mears is currently working with National Organisations, assisting in updating policies and procedures for National Collections, but also in establishing seminars and workshops for museums and institutions, which assists in the education process. These workshops and seminars welcome small museums with mminimal budgets through to the National Museums.

Simon Mears has been on the panel at international conventions and trade fairs, including the European Registrars’ Conference and the Art Trade Fair in Cologne.

There is no substitute for testing how policies and procedures are being implemented locally; onsite inspections and face-to-face interviews are a major feature of these programs, together with working with management in establishing the most effective and manageable local risk mitigation and management measures and procedures.