High Value Retail & Branded Goods

Traditional thinking relies on a combination of physical security and insurance cover to provide peace of mind for clients. Companies thinking ahead have realised that, whilst these primary elements of the service are important, it is in other areas that they may be really successful, drive greater profitability and include enhanced levels of service to clients. These companies subscribe to the concept of internal risk management, whereby they set out to manage, mitigate and transfer risks before relying on insurance cover. The result is reduced losses, higher customer satisfaction and lower insurance costs. But importantly it has also ensured for continued high reputation and integrity of the brand names and branded goods.

We work with all elements of the supply chain, introducing advanced risk transfer and mitigation techniques to supervisors and managers.

  • Categorizing and Identifying Risks
  • Measuring Risks
  • Risk Mitigation and Risk Transfer Strategies
  • Execution of Strategies
  • Controlling and Measuring Reduction of Risks
  • Establishing polices, procedures and risk management to protect one’s brand name.

Who do we work with?

We work with small and medium sized retail and wholesale firms and businesses, as well as the high end retail firms.


Our experience working for Lloyd’s Underwriters and international insurance companies in assessing risks and developing ways to reduce exposure has given us an unrivalled perspective. Coupled with this is our collective management experience of the industry, with some of the largest and most respected companies in the business.

Our experience includes conducting risk surveys and audits on international jewellery exhibitions such as those in Hong Kong and Las Vegas, as well as the leading auction houses; small and medium sized jewellers; high end jewellers.