Marine, Ports & Container Terminals

We provide specialist risk management services relating to marine safety and security, ranging from offshore energy inspections to port assessments, project work and audits. Consultancy services to commercial shipping include general or bespoke security training for crew, safety and security audits of vessels, management offices, container terminals and ports.

A thorough and professional maritime risk management programme is essential for the preservation of personnel and assets, especially due to the increasing prevalence of piracy and terrorism. In addition to a diverse and full understanding of the maritime industry as a whole, our professionals have an extensive experience of maritime risk assessment globally.

Providing a wide range of piracy-related protection projects, our services include due diligence checks on source, supply, conduct stringent due diligence checks on private marine security companies (PMSCs). In addition we provide security voyage planning, monitoring and execution, the sourcing of appropriate insurance cover and the recovery of released but disabled vessels from pirate anchorages.

Our services include the negotiation and recovery of vessels and crew from pirates. Available are resources for the expeditious extraction of crew and personnel if taken by pirates.

The following are among the services and areas we cover relating to maritime operations, ports and container terminals:


  • The physical, operational and electronic security and surveillance of perimeters around container terminals and ports
  • Procedures to prevent infiltration and / or attack from the sea or estuary (especially in ports within piracy affected areas)

Container Terminals:

  • Access controls physical and electronic into and out of the container terminals, which includes scanning containers, seals on containers, methodology to employ for sealing and monitoring containers
  • Security within the container terminal to prevent infiltration and theft from containers
  • Procedures to minimise collusion prospects between customs, police and agents when removing containers from the terminal
  • Flow controls for vehicles entering and leaving the port, including stand-off distance from the entrance screening points and the facility

Port Management & Vessel Security:

  • Assessment and consultancy relating to all aspects of the operational management of the port
  • Previous projects undertaken by our surveyors include:
  • Offshore operations consultancies in South America, India, Pakistan, Middle East, Eastern and Western Africa
  • MCA formal safety assessment
  • ISM training courses lead auditor-individuals or entire crews
  • The provision of Designated Persons under the ISM code
  • Flag state vessel surveys
  • Review of vessel/fleet communications systems, including cost analysis

Projects include among others:

  • Offshore and onshore oil & gas installations
  • Offshore and onshore exploration and drilling operations
  • Offshore and inshore maritime security programmes
  • Offshore and inshore security for marine surveying operations

Power plants:

  • Ports and marinas
  • Pipelay and crane barges
  • Offshore FPSO audits
  • Shipyard and loading terminal inspections
  • Ship construction and offshore fabrication yards

Summary of Services Offered:

  • On site, onshore and offshore risk assessment projects
  • Crew training at sea and ashore
  • Port and ship security and safety risk assessment, inspection and approval
  • Management of fleet auditing functions
  • Fleet-wide risk audits
  • Accident investigation
  • Emergency response training at sea and ashore