Yachts & Off-Shore Maritime

We provide simple solutions for yachting security, whilst in port, in the marina, at anchor or whilst out sailing. Yachts and powerboats have seen an increase in break-ins whilst at berth or at anchor. Most marinas in Europe have a harbour master, but funding does not often permit high security. Many marinas are fenced and gated, though this does not always prevent thieves from scaling the fence in search of items left on board. Marinas elsewhere in the world often have less management and control.

Yacht and power boat owners have discussed their security and safety concerns whilst out sailing on the open waters or whilst visiting other ports. Accordingly we have developed a range of simple solutions for the yachting and marine community.

At Berth or Anchor:

  • Simple plug-and-play wireless alarm system with CCTV camera, which sends a message to six different programmable mobile or phone numbers.
  • The CCTV camera takes pictures of the intruder and sends this along with the alert
  • The message can be sent to the harbour master if one is available

Yacht and Boat Builders:

We have simple but robust intruder detection and CCTV systems that may be built into the yachts or boats at the time of manufacture. Many boats are still built by hand and are to a degree custom designed. We work with the client and the builders to ensure a simple, user friendly system may be installed. These systems provide amongst other things:

  • Remote viewing of the yacht or boat via CCTV, enabling the owner to see their craft in the event of bad weather, alarm activation or at any other time.
  • Intruder detection

Marinas and Harbour Masters:

  • Rent the simple plug-and-play wireless alarm systems out to yacht owners, boat owners and visiting yachts and boats
  • Provide a value added service to owners using your facilities

Yachts and Boats at Sea:

  • We arrange for live tracking services for yachts and boats, which is monitored twenty four hours per day all year round by a specialised control room in London.
  • The live tracking system comes with a panic button, which alerts the control room in the event of an emergency.
  • Emergency evacuation packages are available to subscribe to, providing emergency evacuation off the yacht or boat even whilst out to sea.
  • Emergency response in the event of an emergency or act of piracy threatening the yacht or boat
  • Full emergency medical evacuation at sea, with liaison communication via a central control room
  • Security awareness training to deal with piracy

*See also the sections on “Political and Terrorism” and “Marine, Ports and Container Terminals” for more information on handling piracy.